Our co-operation partner Prof. Dr. Eike Böhm offers counseling and services in the fields of  technology assessment, innovation management, and supervision and development of StartUp- companies.

  • Counseling, supervision and development of StartUp-companies
  • Technology assessment and counseling
  • Innovations management

 The services are provided directly by Prof. Dr. Eike Böhm.

Study of industrial engineering and management at the University Karlsruhe (KIT), diploma 1987, 27 years in Daimler Group, thereof four years at MCC/Smart, four years CTO at Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks & Bus Corporation (MFTBC) in Japan, six years CTO at KION Group (MDax company with 10 Billion EUR turnover and approx. 35.000 employees).

Successful support of StartUp companies. International experience in Japan, USA, China and India.  

Prof. Dr. Eike Böhm

Corporate and Innovation Consultant